Covenant's Woman of the Year honorees stand in front of a pink WCC23 backdrop holding their awards

Covenant Logistics Celebrates Exceptional Women of the Year

October 20, 2023

Covenant Logistics Celebrates Exceptional Women of the Year

Covenant Logistics recently concluded its annual Women of Covenant Week with the inaugural Woman of the Year ceremony.

Covenant Logistics recently concluded its annual Women of Covenant Week with the inaugural Woman of the Year ceremony.

Covenant Logistics recently concluded its second annual Women of Covenant Week with a momentous occasion, the inaugural Women of the Year ceremony. This celebration was a testament to the incredible contributions made by the women within the Covenant family who have demonstrated excellence in leading, motivating, and developing others within the Enterprise. From the corporate sector to the warehouses and out on the open road, these outstanding women have excelled and served as inspirational figures within the company. 

In each of the three categories - Corporate, Warehousing,and Professional Driver - finalists and winners were recognized for their dedication, resilience, and excellence in their respective roles.

Corporate Category:
Recognizing Extraordinary Contributions

Corporate Finalist:
Christina H. - A Journey of Resilience and Dedication

Christina's story is one of resilience and gratitude. Having been a stay-at-home mom for many years, her journey to Covenant was a pivotal turning point. She began as a fleet manager, working both days and weekends and has since become a fleet supervisor. Christina's dedication and love for her job are evident, and she firmly believes in making a meaningful difference in her role. 

"I love my job; it is never boring, and I feel like I make a difference. I am so thankful for this place and the time I have had so far." - Christina H.


Corporate Finalist:
Falicia M. - A True Mentor and Motivator

Falicia M, a Driver Recruiter Training Department manager, and leader of Non-driver Orientation, exemplifies mentorship and leadership. Her commitment to identifying and developing talent is more than just a job; it's a calling in her life. Falicia is known for her empathy, servanthood, and unwavering support for others, whether offering "tough love" or celebrating accomplishments. Off the clock, she dedicates her time to volunteering and giving back to the community. 

"To describe Falicia in one word, it would be "present" because she is intentional in giving the person in front of her her undivided attention. Whether it's a little "tough love" or celebrating the accomplishments of others, her passion for helping people succeed is in the forefront." -Excerpt from Falicia's Nomination


Corporate Winner:
Ashton F. - A Trailblazer in Logistics

The corporate category winner, Ashton F., is Covenant's Director of Extended Coverage. With a wealth of experience in logistics and a solid educational background, she has successfully managed various aspects of Covenant's operations. Ashton is also a devoted mother, a DIY enthusiast, and a passionate advocate for volunteer work, making her an exemplary winner in the corporate category.

"Covenant has allowed me to be surrounded by people who appreciate the little things and at the same time constantly look for how to do it better. It has allowed me to see so many possibilities, gain insight in how to create value for people, which is energizing. Having the opportunity to be around this kind of energy and inspiration at Covenant has opened my perspective, allowed me to think bigger, and has introduced me to a level of servanthood in a work environment I have always wanted to be a part of." - Ashton F.


Warehousing Category:
Excellence in Operations

Warehousing Finalist:
Stephanie D. - Family is the Forefront

Stephanie D., the finalist in the Warehousing category, is the Operations Manager for one of our largest warehouses. With a deep love for her family and a passion for cooking, Stephanie has dedicated seven years to her current warehouse, making significant contributions to the company.

"My family is my absolute reason for all I do and the motivation for all I want to do and achieve personally and professionally." - Stephanie D.


Warehousing Winner:
Angela H. - A Journey of Growth and Gratitude

The winner of the Warehousing category, Angela H., hashad a remarkable career journey. From starting as a temporary worker, she has risen through the ranks to become the General Manager of her current warehouse. Angela credits her growth to the excellent leadership team at Covenant.

"I have grown tremendously, and I credit that to the excellent leadership team that Covenant has. I am very thankful for the opportunities I have been given and appreciate this honor." - Angie H.



Professional Driver Category:
The Heart of the Road

In the Professional Driver category, the finalists and winner exemplify the dedication and passion that fuel Covenant's fleet of professional drivers.

Professional Driver Finalist:
Lucy L. - Chasing Dreams on the Open Road

Lucy L., a relative newcomer to the trucking industry, made a bold transition from her previous job as a Project Manager to an OTR driver. With dedication and a robust support system, Lucy has embraced her role as a Dedicated Lane driver, incorporating her motto of "How can I make your life easier?" into her daily work.

 "Transitioning from a "regular job" to a Professional Driver was exciting and risky. Being on the road traveling was always a dream that settled comfortably in the back of my mind while life and other opportunities arose. I am thankful to Covenant that I have been able to join my partner in life, Vernon, on the road with a Dedicated lane." - Lucy L.


Professional Driver Winner:
Mary Beth C. - The Road to Fulfillment 

Mary Beth C. and her husband and co-driver Wesley have been driving for Covenant for five years. Their journey has been one of mentorship, representation, and unwavering commitment. They have played vital roles in helping Covenant start new accounts, represented the company at trade shows, and mentored new drivers. Their passion and love for their jobs and Covenant are genuinely inspiring. 

"My husband and best friend of 34 years and I feel like we retired to drive trucks, which I have wanted to do my whole life. We love our jobs, and we love Covenant." - Mary Beth C.

L to R: Stephanie D., Angie H., Christina H., Ashton F., Mary Beth C., Lucy L., and Falicia M.

Covenant is proud to celebrate these exceptional women, who represent the strength and dedication of its workforce. These awards reflect the company's commitment to recognizing and honoring the remarkable contributions of its team members. Covenant looks forward to many more years of success with these outstanding women leading the way.