Safety and Security

Covenant considers the health and safety of its associates, customers and visitors to be of primary importance.

Covenant’s Promise

We achieve this by maintaining safe, healthy working conditions, and by fostering a culture focused on awareness, open communication, safety education and supervision, and safe work methods. Continuous improvement in safety is engrained in our culture.

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Incident and Injury Prevention

By controlling hazards in our equipment and facilities, and properly training staff to use safety devices and personal protective equipment, we make our spaces safe places to work.

Covenant’s Health and Safety Protection Program (HSPP) is consistent with the business needs of the company. This program provides a consolidated system that enables our facilities to manage health and safety issues, and to integrate those issues into the business process.

In addition, we customize our safety standards to meet the unique requirements of each facility. We are familiar with our customer’s safety policies and successfully train associates to adhere to those guidelines.

Continuous improvement in safety is engrained in our culture.

When it comes to our over-the-road operations, our tractor and trailers are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and features for advanced collision mitigation, lane departure systems, distance alerts, and speed events to help ensure safe over-the-road operations.

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Customer Start-Up Safety Advisories and Audits

From the start of our relationships with customers, we assemble an on-site team of safety and operations managers to assess such critical activities as workflows, lot flows, loading and unloading procedures, and dock operations to ensure maximum efficiency and safety. Most customers have expressed they’ve never experienced that level and depth of advisory in the initial phase of any relationship. This sets up all parties for safety and operations success.

Audits of facilities and programs are consistently conducted to assess the program’s effectiveness while always seeking to identify areas of  mprovement in operations.

Safety Training and Incident/Injury Prevention

Working safely doesn’t come naturally, but rather is learned. Our advanced training programs teach, motivate and reinforce safety knowledge and behaviors that help prevent injury and illness for our professional drivers, DC, warehousing and operations personnel. In addition, we employ experienced drivers who are in safety roles and have incorporated video telematics and safety systems in our trucks that helps us to coach and train drivers in forming safe habits and behaviors.

Taking Measure of Logistics Safety

Inside your distribution centers, on the loading docks, or on the road delivering your freight, you’ll have the confidence in Covenant’s core principle of safety. Through decades of experience, Covenant’s recordable injury record has been consistently low. We’ve consistently maintained the U.S. Department of Transportation’s top ranking for carrier safety. You’ll find our Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scores not only strong within our carrier peer group, but showing a pattern of continuous improvement since 2020, when the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s FMCSA scoring system began.