Our Brand Promise: How customers benefit.

Covenant develops deep partnerships with our customers to help them achieve their strategic supply chain goals and objectives.

Covenant’s Promise

Through our collaborative, solutions-oriented mindset, we focus on continuous improvement initiatives for our customers through logistics engineering, operational insight and application of best practices.

Your Benefit

Supply Chain Improvement

Just a few of the ways Covenant can help you achieve your supply chain goals.
Value improvement, cost efficiencies, and streamlined operations through our data-driven supply chain engineering and gain-share incentives.
Reliable, consistent execution and service levels through our integrated operations, engineering, and technology teams.
Quantified financial impact and ROI of logistics initiatives through our team of engineers and supply chain data.Access to resources, quality equipment
Access to resources, quality equipment, and capacity through our assets as well as the ability to leverage Covenant’s negotiation processes and purchasing power.
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