Adding value requires a logistics strategy.

At Covenant, our promise is your success.

Successful businesses will gain a competitive edge by creating and leveraging supply chains that ultimately offer cost reductions, service diversity, reliability, and an incredible customer experience. But a successful supply chain requires a future-thinking and customer-centric mentality, innovation, flexibility, relevant data, and performance measurement. That’s a tall order – and you can’t do it alone.

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Outsource Logistics

Many 3PLs proclaim their “industry-leading solutions” and “best-in-class logistics.” But have you noticed how quiet things quickly get when conversation turns to added value and innovation?

At Covenant, that’s a primary focus. We’ll help you to drive value improvement, cost efficiencies, and streamlined operations through data-driven supply chain engineering. Covenant’s solutions can provide anywhere from supply chain visibility, demand forecasting, product distribution, as well as reverse logistics. Our portfolio of logistics services includes:

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Our collaborative, solutions- oriented mindset

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At Covenant, we take a different approach. It starts with our engineers getting hands-on to understand your vision, align with your objectives, and conduct a quick but thorough analysis of your supply chain operations and metric. Through our freight logistics management services we can provide solutions that provide supply chain visibility, supply & demand forecasting, product distribution process all customized to your needs.

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Then we design a logistics strategy unique to your business, looking for ways to build in Guaranteed Value Acceleration. That’s right: We’ll proactively seek opportunities to make tangible financial value commitments, and even to increase those commitments over your contract’s term.

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Finally, we apply Lean Sigma principles and discipline to manage, measure and refine the strategic links in your supply chain that we’re responsible for.

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What our Customers Say

"Covenant brings value and solutions quickly to the table. They’ve been tremendously helpful in ensuring good service levels and capacity to us, particularly during COVID. They also bring flexibility to the relationship and proactively communicate challenges and opportunities." – North American Logistics Manager with a multinational manufacturer of food products