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We know what it takes to ship food & beverage fast and fresh every time.

Time is of the essence for food and beverage companies,and an efficient, flowing, temperature-controlled supply chain is critical to getting your products to market faster. Covenant works to ensure that the maximum shelf life is spent on the shelf and with your customers.

At Covenant, our promise is your success.

Covenant’s excellent performance standards in cold chain logistics with on-time delivery and service reliability ensure your success. We have what it takes to get your products where they need to go.


Precision in your food & beverage supply chain.

Covenant's operational efficiencies in warehousing, cold-chain transportation, and temperature-controlled fleet operations ultimately translate to timely fresh food delivery, managed costs for your bottom line, and food safety initiatives needed by the food and beverage industry.

Our food and beverage logistics experts leverage our superior operational efficiencies to ensure safe and efficient food handling and on time delivery for all food and beverage clients. At Covenant, we have the flexibility to get your temperature-sensitive loads where they need to go.

Here are some examples of foods and beverages we transport:
All things nut related
Raw goods
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Cold Chain Management from Beginning to End

Covenant takes immense pride in our ability to help serve food and beverage customers through a wide range of solutions. Covenant has the capabilities to solve your challenges throughout the supply chain, including managed freight, dedicated contract carriage, warehousing solutions, and flexible solutions for your peak seasons.

Here are just a few things that Covenant can do to help your supply chain run smoother:
  • Our flexible solutions are specifically tailored to handle peak seasons, enabling us to adapt and meety our unique needs, no matter how high the demand.
  • We offer top-tier inventory management services, utilizing advanced systems to maintain optimal inventory levels, reducing waste, and ensuring readiness to meet customer demands.
  • Understanding the importance of product integrity, we provide temperature-controlled warehousing. This guarantees that your climate-sensitive goods are stored under optimal conditions, preserving their quality until they reach their destination.
  • Efficiency is key in our consolidation and deconsolidation solutions. By effectively consolidating smaller shipments into one and breaking down large shipments efficiently, we help reduce shipping costs and enhance efficiency.
  • With our dynamic tracking and tracing technology, we provide real-time visibility for your shipments. You'll always know where your goods are, providing you with better planning knowing your deliveries will be on-time.
  • Quality is at the forefront of our operations. Our robust quality control processes ensure that the highest standards are met at every stage of the supply chain.
  • Lastly, we offer a suite of added value services, including labeling, relabeling, repacking, co-packing, picking, stuffing, and more. These services are designed to alleviate strain off your internal resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
Covenant engineers flexible and customized solutions that adapt to all types of freight including fresh produce, dairy, meats, frozen products, and raw products, as well as experience with the moving of packaging for your products.
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Let our customers speak for us...

“COVID and the driver shortage have been major disruptors of our operations and have caused a significant imbalance in our supply chain. What we thought would be short-term has grown into a multi-year problem. Covenant’s solution through team drivers is to handle transfer loads between our facilities to mimic our private fleet operations for on-time delivery and reliable service, which is invaluable during our Christmas peak season when capacity is a challenge. Not only has Covenant been able to keep our supply chain running, but we have actually grown through the last couple of years. We couldn't have a better logistics partner in Covenant Logistics.”

- Logistics Cost Analyst for a major baked goods, snacks, and food products manufacturer

Let our customers speak for us...

“Since 2016, we have partnered with Covenant Logistics to help us deliver our products to customers. Covenant has proven themselves to be a valued logistics partner and flexible in servicing our challenging network needs while maintaining a high level of service to our customers.”

- Director of Customer Services, Planning, and Transportation for a major farm-to-table produce manufacturer