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Covenant’s Distribution Center Management Services Drive Real Value

September 23, 2021

Covenant’s Distribution Center Management Services Drive Real Value

For 35 years, Covenant has provided customers with trusted, reliable transportation and logistics services.

For 35 years, Covenant has provided customers with trusted, reliable transportation and logistics services.

For 35 years, Covenant has provided customers with trusted, reliable transportation and logistics services. Along the way, customers have turned to the company not only for its strong driver network and dedicated carrier fleet, but also for its customer-centric business model and commitment to continuous improvement.

It may be surprising then to some that the company so well-known for its industry leading trucking and 3PL support is also offering full-scale Distribution Center Management (DCM) services. It’s true. Covenant’s extension of warehouse services creates a “one-stop-shop” resource for customers seeking full supply chain solutions.

Distribution Center Management services

A short list of Covenant’s DCM services includes the following:

  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Light manufacturing and assembly
  • Cross-docking
  • Specialty operations (kitting and packaging)
  • Reverse logistics
  • Service parts management
  • Yard management/trailer slotting
  • Supplier management
  • Contract labor

The company also provides specialized distribution center services, such as those required for HAZMAT, pharmaceutical, and frozen inventory. Covenant’s distribution centers can be food-grade certified and are FDA/FMSA-compliant. Further, the company excels at supporting custom requirements, such as inbound raw materials, buffer warehousing, kitting and assembly, light manufacturing, as well as pick and pack operations.

In addition to these physical warehouse services, Covenant offers innovative technology solutions, including a user-friendly and customized Körber (formerly HighJump) dashboard designed to track performance, provide historical data and operational insight, and generate predictive analytics. Advanced robotics, such as autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) and drones, add to warehouse efficiency.

Ideal for customers seeking new or upgraded distribution centers in the 150,000-to-500,000 SQFT range, across the consumer products, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, durable goods and retail industries, Covenant’s warehousing offerings can be coupled with transportation and logistics services that are proven to put a client’s business into high gear. Currently providing valuable DCM services across 12 unique warehouses, totaling more than three million square feet, Covenant is a proven logistics leader that delivers on its promises.

A customer-first approach, starting on day one

When first asked to develop a new distribution center for clients, Covenant draws upon its history of building deep relationships. An experienced team of experts meets one-on-one with customers to define requirements, KPIs and other key measurements, and all deliverables, as well to learn about any pain points experienced in the past. The company then closely collaborates with new clients to develop personalized warehousing and logistics solutions that not only drive meaningful value and exceed set goals, but are also agile enough to meet changing future needs. This approach has continuously helped the company surpass client expectations across all areas of its business.

"Covenant brings more to the table than our integrated transportation and warehousing services." said Jim Massengill, senior vice president, warehouse operations. "Our goal is to build customer partnerships that deliver meaningful value, saving our customers time and money. Above all, we prioritize responsiveness and transparency across all interactions, while focusing on the fundamentals of operations to deliver repeatable, dependable service."

Real results: MCX distribution center case study

Read this case study to learn how Covenant’s distribution center management experts identified inefficiencies in customer Marine Corps Exchange (MCX)’s supply chain, initiated continuous improvement opportunities, reduced operational costs and improved the overall delivery of services.

Get moving with Covenant

Whether you are ready to establish a new distribution center or wish to switch to a DCM partner that offers adaptive, customized logistics solutions centered around your business, strategy and vision, Covenant wants to talk to you. Connect with us below.