Covenant’s Technology Solutions Help Customers Think Outside the Box

When it comes to providing logistics services, Covenant has the experience, people and resources in place to deliver.

When it comes to providing logistics services, Covenant has the experience, people and resources in place to deliver integrated solutions that drive meaningful value. Now a “one-stop-shop” for supply chain services in the U.S., Covenant is the preferred Distribution Center Management (DCM) provider for a growing number of customers across the consumer products, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing, durable goods and retail industries. Covenant’s customers already know that the company stands apart for its customer-focused, collaborative business model, but its innovative technology is an unexpected leading factor for why they choose to stay.

A customized, user-friendly warehouse Management System
Most DCM providers offer a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help clients view and track warehouse activities, and Covenant is no exception. However, the company’s WMS is based upon Körber (formerly HighJump), an industry-leading, cloud-based tool that offers business critical visibility and security. Not a one-size-fits-all platform, Covenant’s WMS solution is tailored to each client’s unique needs, offering an efficient and agile dashboard that can grow with a client over time.

The WMS’ highly visual dashboard enables customers to log on and immediately understand distribution center Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), including:

  • Productivity
  • Units moved per hour
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Capacity
  • On-time shipping
  • Order accuracy
  • Carrier compliance
  • Data analytics (both historical and predictive)
  • And more

“We listen carefully to our customers to craft a technology solution that brings more value and better solutions starting on day one. Our goal is to provide the right data at the right time so clients can make informed and data-backed decisions,” explained Covenant’s Steve Matthews, vice president, distribution management. “We also are able to tap our experience to guide customers toward the best solution for their business to maximize ROI and overall value.”

To date, Covenant has deployed customized WMS platforms across a dozen or more distribution centers, with a high degree of success. Designed with continuous improvement in mind, Matthews reports that the company’s managed distribution centers see 99-percent inventory accuracy, on-time shipping and shipping accuracy rates – up significantly from rates reported prior to partnering with Covenant. Further, his team has reduced labor by 30 to 40 percent across several sites, a factor that offers collective gains for both Covenant and the client.

“These improvements are directly tied to our technology offerings,” Matthews continued. Our clients recognize that their distribution centers are on track and highly efficient, so they can focus their energy on continuous improvement practices and growing their businesses. We’ve had a very positive response.”

Technology of the future, here now
In addition to offering an innovative WMS, Covenant drives additional efficiency gains through advanced warehouse robotics, such as autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), drones for inventory management, and voice-picking technology that enables eyes- and hands-free operations in the warehouse. These advanced technologies are at work now in several Covenant-managed distribution centers, bringing new benefits to the supply chain.

“While our technology is outstanding, I must say our customer-first approach is what drives the real value,” Matthews said. “We are all on one team with our clients, and we’re always looking for new ways to deliver meaningful results to the bottom line.”

Get moving with Covenant
If you’re ready to partner with a DCM provider that prioritizes data and technology, as well as customer relationships, then Covenant wants to talk to you. Also ask about how our DCM services integrate seamlessly with our transportation, 3PL and other logistics support offerings.

 Covenant’s Technology Solutions Help Customers Think Outside the Box
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