Driving Forward: Celebrating the Women of Covenant During Women's History Month

April 11, 2024

Driving Forward: Celebrating the Women of Covenant During Women's History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month with Covenant Logistics as we showcase the extraordinary women behind our operations.

Celebrate Women's History Month with Covenant Logistics as we showcase the extraordinary women behind our operations.

March is designated internationally as Women's History Month, and that presented us with a unique opportunity to shine a spotlight on the exceptional women who are integral to our success and daily operations. From the professional drivers navigating the intricate web of national highways to the outstanding performance of our office team members, these women are the unsung heroes of the Covenant Logistics Group which includes Landair, AAT Carriers, Lew Thompson & Son Trucking, and Sims Transport. Each week of March, we took a moment to honor two of these inspiring individuals, showcasing their stories of perseverance, leadership, and excellence. As we recap these celebrations, prepare to be captivated by the stories of the women who not only drive our trucks but steer our company towards new horizons of success and innovation.

Chambrielle “Brie” C. | Professional Driver

What do you enjoy most about logistics? I enjoy traveling to places people truly pay a lot of money to see, and I love being able to go across the country two to three times a week. What advice would you give to your younger self? I would tell my younger self that I am proud of who you will become and to be gentle on yourself and always trust the process! How do you manage being a mother and businesswoman? I manage being a mom through having a true support system! I miss my kids daily, but my fiancé always makes sure I'm included in all their whereabouts! He pushes me to go harder because we have a goal, and I am taking the mini sacrifices now so that I can live well in the future. I would say all women need a support system at home, kids, or no kids.

Shantwania “Twania” M. | Professional Driver

Who inspires you most and why? My co-driver, seeing her manage driving and being a mother with grace and class is very inspirational.  Bri works so hard everyday and I love knowing it can be done. Do you have any tips for the road?Always park in the light, never walk alone, and always double check when hooking up and unhooking. Always watch your surroundings and always pre-trip and post-trip your truck. What motivates you to stay in transportation? The thrill, pay and being able to provide for my family and live comfortably. I also do it well. At this stage in life, I love having that confidence in myself.

Kristel S. | Driver Support

What do you enjoy most about logistics? To be able to help others and feel like a productive part of keeping the trucks rolling that supply America with products for better living. What are your hopes or visions for Women at Covenant? To be a model for what women can achieve through hard work and determination. My goal is to be a guiding light so that women can see they can be a productive part of Covenant and make the company even stronger. What have you done that you are most proud of? My time here at Covenant has made me a stronger woman. I've learned how to juggle being a mom and a businesswoman. This company has introduced me to a world that I had never seen before and opened my eyes to see better things in my future that I did not see before.


Annecia T. | Warehouse Team Member

Who inspires you most and why? My mother inspires me. She was a hard-working woman and always inspired me to do the right thing no matter what. She would always say, "right is right" and "wrong is wrong". What do you enjoy most about logistics? There's always something new to learn and adjust to. What is your favorite story about working in logistics? About 5 years ago, I worked at a warehouse that housed baby formula and baby food. There was a child with a life-threatening illness that needed this special formula and I had to stay over to make sure the correct formula was delivered to her. I wanted to stay to make sure it was correct and took it to FedEx myself.


Michelle B. | Human Resources

What do you enjoy most about logistics? I love that every day is different, with new challenges and opportunities to learn new things. What advice would you give to your younger self? Be open to learning new things and accept every challenge that comes your way. Don't be afraid to ask questions. How do you manage being in a male dominated industry? I focus on being confident, trusting myself and always being willing to support the team. It is easy to be intimidated by others who have been in this industry for years and have built long term relationships. I try to always speak up and share my knowledge or expertise when I can and communicate in a way that allows others to build trust in my abilities as well.

Alice S. | Accounts Payable

What do you enjoy most about logistics? I’ve been enjoying how fast paced it is and how things change every day. I enjoy a challenge and logistics keeps me on my toes as I never know what new questions the day will bring. How do you manage being in a male dominated industry? I’ve kind of always been in male dominated fields -- I have two brothers, studied engineering for a while, and then I worked in construction. I just strive to do my best every day and prove my value on a regular basis. Why did/do you choose Covenant? I‘ve only been here a short while, but I appreciate Covenant’s emphasis on empathy and servanthood. Empathy for others is something that can be hard to find in an organization, and it makes a really big difference to how you feel as an employee. Servanthood is a great mindset no matter what you are doing that you are serving others within and outside our organization. Covenant offers flexibility that I need as a mother, and I also have felt valued and welcomed from the start.


Megan S. | Brokerage Pricing Analyst II

What did you do before transportation? I worked in the Math Center at the Chattanooga State Community College. I loved helping people understand their homework and creating smiles when the work became easy for them. How do you manage being in a male dominated field? For me, I don’t see it as a line in the sand per say. We are coworkers with all the same things: aspirations, good attitudes, and an ability to communicate effectively. I work hard to come to work with an ability to listen, patience, and suggestions. That’s what matters most to me. What impact do you feel you have on a daily basis? I meticulously price contractual lanes between our company and many others to gain awards we will see for a whole year or more. I know for a fact that what my team and I accomplish has a long lasting and impactful mark on our history, and I could not do it without them.


Karen F. | Quality & Compliance Manager

Who inspires you and why? My mom. She made sacrifices to ensure our wellbeing and happiness as a single mother. She had to overcome challenges and adversities and while she may have felt she was failing at times; all I saw was her resilience and perseverance. She had instilled in us that hard work always pays off and I am very thankful for my mom. What do you enjoy most about logistics? I enjoy that every day brings new challenges and opportunities to creatively optimize and streamline processes and ensure timely delivery of goods. Working in the Technology department has given me the opportunity to make contributions that support drivers, accounting, payroll, finance, and many other areas. Helping and serving others bring me joy. How do you manage being in a male dominated field? I strive to have a strong understanding of the business and continue to work to enhance my skills. I am not afraid of trying new things even if there is a risk of failure. I focus on the process, the increase knowledge and credibility that my efforts will bring with every challenge. 

As we conclude our Women's History Month celebrations, it is imperative to acknowledge women's transformative impact and indispensable contributions within the logistics industry. Congratulations to these spotlight honorees and be on the lookout for more spotlights throughout the year!  

To learn more about the steps we are taking to ensure our current and future team members feel like they belong, check out our most recent Belonging Document.