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For Capacity, Look for Tailored Solutions

December 6, 2022

For Capacity, Look for Tailored Solutions

Lots of transportation companies can provide capacity when you need it, but not all capacity solutions are equal.

Lots of transportation companies can provide capacity when you need it, but not all capacity solutions are equal.

Often, capacity solutions seem straightforward: you just need additional trucks to move your freight from Point A to Point B. And sometimes, that’s truly all you need.  

But if that’s your general approach to your capacity needs, you’re missing opportunities for better service, better strategic integration, and, yes, cost savings.  

More Than Brokerage

Lots of transportation companies can provide capacity when you need it, but not all capacity solutions are equal. What should make a difference to you as a shipper?

Think about the broker role — there’s a lot riding on the broker’s interaction between you as the shipper/customer and the freight carriers the broker will eventually engage. Your requirements might be complex or require special equipment or timing. All of these needs must be understood and clearly conveyed to potential carriers — with no misunderstandings or undocumented requirements that will interrupt the timely movement of your goods.

But often there’s more to the request than simply fulfilling a capacity need. What else can a capacity solution do for you in terms of making your job easier and solving problems? What other solutions can be offered that could enhance, strengthen — or even replace — a capacity solution?  

This is where tailored solutions make a difference. Whether it’s a seasonal peak, a special project or ongoing capacity coverage, a tailored solution will not only meet your short-term needs, but also advance your long-term goals.

Custom ≠ Expensive

In many aspects of life, a custom solution is more costly than something off the shelf. Not so with transportation. In fact, a custom solution might be less expensive because you’re paying for precisely the services you need.

Finding the right fit is the job of the broker — and the best brokers are the best listeners. They’re eager to determine exactly what you need in terms of equipment and timing, and approach your capacity needs with a solutions-oriented mindset.

Great brokers also ask great questions to uncover any nuances that they can use to your advantage, whether that’s in scheduling, support or pricing. They also take a big-picture view of your business to see how capacity solutions fit strategically — and how other solutions might play a meaningful role.

Experience Counts

Partnering with experienced transportation brokers means all of this knowledge, creativity and skill is working for you. Plus, full-service logistics companies can mix and match solutions as needed, using a variety of options to meet your needs.

In Covenant’s case, this also includes using our own dedicated fleet as well as leveraging long-standing, successful relationships with the country’s best carriers. We also handle order management, shipment planning and load management, invoicing and reporting, among other services, to ensure that everything moves efficiently.

Don’t be shortsighted when it comes to brokerage. Talk to capacity providers even before a need arises to see how they can help you. Your conversations will likely deliver positive results — and a tailored capacity solution will almost always save you time, money and hassles in the long run.

Covenant’s capacity solutions team leverages our own fleet, our deep pool of drivers, and our trusted carrier partners to create solutions that work for you. Let’s talk.