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Peaks, Unpredictable Events and Getting a Flexible Solution

November 7, 2022

Peaks, Unpredictable Events and Getting a Flexible Solution

All industries experience peaks and valleys. How can a transportation partner help you manage them?

All industries experience peaks and valleys. How can a transportation partner help you manage them?

All industries experience peaks and valleys. How can a transportation partner help you manage them? With a nimble approach, quick response, and can-do attitude. The right logistics partner can make or break your operations and opportunities.  

The key to managing peaks and unpredictable supply chain events is flexibility. Having the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is an extremely valuable quality in a transportation vendor. Coming to you with solutions to meet your needs is a must. 

Here are some considerations when seeking a flexible transportation partner who will be there at peak times with what you need:  

Demand management:

If you run a highly seasonal business or one that is impacted by environmental factors like weather, you’ve likely already had upstream conversations with your transportation partner about potential fluctuations in trucking needs. By doing so, your demand forecast becomes their demand forecast. Talking through the probabilities and the “what ifs” of your business gives your vendor an idea of what to expect and what is possible in terms of solutions. 

However, sometimes there are unexpected demand shifts. The pandemic proved to be an unexpected boom for some retailers, with demand at exceedingly high levels. While this level of demand fluctuation seems unrepeatable, there’s no crystal ball to tell us what’s ahead. 

With that in mind, it’s crucial to partner with a logistics company that can manage high demand in a pinch. This often involves capacity options, whether using their own assets or brokered solutions.  

Production success:

With global supply chains still somewhat in a state of disarray, manufacturers have experienced extreme fluctuations in production. But once their raw materials are available, these companies must get them in as soon as possible, and then quickly ship out their finished products to meet production goals.

What kind of transportation partner can address these unpredictable schedules? One that is dedicated to your relationship and committed to helping you meet your key performance indicators. You want to work with a partner who considers your success their success, too. 

Engineering economies:

One of the advantages of working with an experienced and sophisticated transportation partner is benefitting from their in-house expertise. 

For example, the right partner will have market insight that can work for you in terms of scheduling and planning. Your partner may also have an engineering team that can assess your volume and model it to identify the most economical way to handle surge. Look for a logistics company that can prove their value in this these areas.

Flexible assets:

Make your job easier by working with a logistics company that can scale with you as your needs ebb and flow. Choose a partner that can provide a seamless, flexible solution so you can focus on your core business, whether that’s by using their own fleet or contracting with others. One call to a single source you can count on to solve your peak problems — that’s what you deserve. 

There’s no way to completely prepare for the uncertainties your business will experience in its shipping needs. But choosing a partner you can trust with the peaks — one that can scale to your needs — will make a big difference in your performance, and let you sleep at night. 

At Covenant, we’re ready for whatever comes your way. Let’s talk about your business and how we can help you manage your shipping peaks — economically and flexibly. 

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