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Reducing Transit Time with Expedited Shipping: What You Need to Know

November 16, 2023

Reducing Transit Time with Expedited Shipping: What You Need to Know

Choose Covenant for expedited shipping that gets your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Choose Covenant for expedited shipping that gets your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.

When it comes to freight shipping, the options of standard and expedited can have a huge impact on transit times and costs.

But with the help of reputable third-party logistics providers (3PLs), the gap between standard and expedited shipping services can be minimized, leading to shorter transit times overall.

So, what exactly is transit time?

What Is Transit Time?

Transit time refers to the total time it takes for goods to travel from the point of origin(Point A) to the destination (Point B). This can be measured in hours, days, or even weeks, and applies to all modes of transport, including boats, planes,trains, trucks, or a combination of these.


What Is Lead Time?

Speaking of lead time, it refers to the total time it takes for a purchase order to be fulfilled, starting from the moment the order is placed until the final delivery. This includes customs clearance time in international shipping.

To ensure on-time delivery, transit time is crucial, especially when there are production delays. It begins with Goods Ready Days (GRD), which include various production bottlenecks that may cause delays.


How Long is Transit Time?

Now, you might wonder how long transit time actually is. The truth is, there's no fixed answer. It depends on factors such as the mode of transport, type of freight, distance, and selected routes.


What Factors Can Affect Transit Time in Shipping?

Calculating transit times is not a straightforward process.There are various factors to consider, including product specifications and requirements, trailer space availability, business holidays, inclement weather,route conditions, and route planning and scheduling.

· Product Specifications And Requirements

Weight and size are critical in selecting the type of transport, which, in turn, affects transit time.

So are product requirements. Dairy or pharmaceutical products, for example,need refrigeration. Hazardous material needs experienced, HAZMAT-certified drivers.

· Trailer Space Availability

Forecasting and planning your shipping needs, as well as working with professional carriers, ensures that there will be available trucks, drivers and trailer space to carry your shipment promptly. 

· Business Holidays

Public holidays can often delay transit times. However, major carriers, like Covenant, conduct weekend transport and holiday deliveries.

At Covenant, consignees enjoy undisrupted services, while drivers enjoy some of the highest salaries in the country.

· Inclement Weather

As extreme weather conditions increase around the globe, shipping transit times are impacted more and more by disruptive weather.

From a mere fog to a hurricane or flood, hard driving conditions or road impasses need to be predicted and taken into account when designating the routes.

· Route Conditions

Other unpredicted factors include road closures and traffic jams due to accidents, public works, etc.

In cases like this, satellite tracking systems and smartroute optimization technology can quickly produce alternative routes to attain quick transit times.

· Route Planning and Scheduling

Without the means and ability to anticipate weather, traffic,and other delaying factors, transit time and costs can increase exponentially and unexpectedly.

Effective route planning and scheduling predicts and solves such route-related complications so shipping runs smoothly and efficiently.


Speed Up Your Shipments with Expedited Shipping Services

Looking to reduce transit time for your shipments? Expedited shipping is the solution you need. Whether you have high-value, time-sensitive freight or need to meet just-in-time delivery demands, expedited trucking can get your goods safely and securely to their destination fast.

In the freight forwarding sector, expedited trucking is critical to keep operations running smoothly. By ensuring one-time shipments of parts or materials arrive quickly, you can avoid costly damages and failures.

How Does Expedited Shipping Reduce Transit Time?

By combining specialized resources and procedures, we at Covenant provide the fastest expedited shipping services possible. Our approach includes:


·        24/7 route monitoring

·        Highly trained drivers

·        A large fleet of specialized trucks

·        Route optimization with limited stops

·        Round-the-clock availability

·        Strict adherence to maintenance protocols

·        Compliance with federal regulations for driver safety

·        An incident response team

·        Integration of new technologies


For over 30 years, Covenant has been a leader in providing trucking services. We prioritize speed without sacrificing quality and reliability, offering scalable solutions that won't break the bank.


Experience the Difference with Covenant

As a trusted 3PL provider, Covenant is your one-stop-shop for distribution, logistics, and transportation throughout the United States. From routing and scheduling to balancing transit times and costs, our integrated and flexible carrier services are designed to optimize your budget without compromising on quality or ethics. 

Don't settle for slow transit times. Choose Covenant for expedited shipping that gets your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there. Discover our top-notch services where principles truly matter.