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What is Hotshot Trucking: Everything You Need to Know

January 25, 2024

What is Hotshot Trucking: Everything You Need to Know

Discover where the unique capabilities of hotshot trucking come into play.

Discover where the unique capabilities of hotshot trucking come into play.

At Covenant, we understand that as your business thrives and demands arise unexpectedly, you need effective solutions to handle any capacity challenges. This is particularly true for industries that rely on time-critical deliveries to operate efficiently and require more than just standard trucking services. This is where the unique capabilities of hotshot trucking come into play.

So, what exactly is Hotshot Trucking?

Hotshot trucking is a specialized logistics service designed for the transport of relatively small, yet time-sensitive loads, typically aimed at a single destination.

Primarily, hotshot deliveries are critical to project timelines, serving last-minute transport needs and short-haul distances. However, it's not uncommon to see hotshot freight undertaking cross-country journeys.

While traditional trucking services may take days to deliver, hotshot hauling ensures the shortest possible transport time from your pickup call to the final drop-off point. Often equating to 24-hour or overnight shipping, these are impressive turnaround times! But how did it all begin?

The Origin of Hotshot Trucking

The roots of hotshot trucking can be traced back to the 1970s oil fields of Texas.

People would eagerly wait outside local steel factories for a drill part to be ready. As soon as it was, they'd load it onto their truck bed and drive it straight back to the oil wells to keep them operational!

Thus, a new trucking niche was born.

Today, independent hotshot truckers continue to make urgent deliveries for the construction and manufacturing industry. Transport companies and 3PLs like Covenant provide comprehensive hotshot freight services.

At Covenant, we offer fast, flexible, and reliable logistics solutions when and where you need them – including Hotshot loads! We're here to help you solve any last-minute transport problems swiftly and effectively.

Hotshot Trucking Vs. Expedited Freight

The terms hotshot and expedited freight are often used interchangeably. After all, a hotshot delivery is indeed an expedited shipment! But how do they differ?

The primary differences lie in the size and type of trucks. Typically, hotshot vehicles are medium-duty trucks, Class 3 to 5, with a capacity of up to one ton, pulling trailers loaded with time-sensitive items.

Most hotshot loads consist of a single piece of freight. They're usually machinery or equipment needed to prevent imminent failures or continue large-scale projects.

This is why hotshot freight must be hauled immediately!

Examples Of Hotshot Freight

  • Items needed to prevent impending failures in power plants
  • Equipment essential for ongoing oil pumping operations
  • Construction machinery that needs swift transportation from one job site to another
  • Military equipment

Expedited Transport

Expedited freight is transported with different types of trucks - usually cargo vans and straight trucks. Last-minute deliveries and non-stop routes are common in expedited shipping - but they are not the rule.

No matter the service you choose, our priority remains the same - fast, secure and reliable transportation. We understand that each situation is unique, requiring custom-made solutions to meet your requirements. These considerations have allowed us to become the largest team shipping provider in the country.

As a leading 3PL provider, Covenant is equipped to handle your ever-changing transport demands. We ensure that our transport and shipping services complement your projects, rather than causing delays. With us, a single call is all it takes to address your urgent transport needs effectively, just as you deserve.

The Pros of Hotshot Trucking Services

Hotshot trucking offers several benefits, including:

  • Fast Pickup and Delivery: Born out of the need for immediate deliveries with tight schedules, hotshot trucking guarantees fast and timely service.
  • Dedicated Freight Shipping: As an on-call service for time-sensitive deliveries, hotshot trucking caters to dedicated freight exclusively.
  • Small Load Capacity: Ideal for quick, door-to-door deliveries, hotshot services employ smaller trucks to ship urgently needed equipment.
  • On-Call Shipping: In industries like construction or power plants where equipment needs can arise unexpectedly, hotshot services offer prompt, 24/7 delivery.

Comprehensive Trucking Capacity Solutions at Covenant

At Covenant, we offer an array of capacity solutions, from Full Truckload (FTL) to hotshot trucking. Whether you're dealing with a seasonal peak, a special project, or ongoing capacity arrangements, we've got you covered!

As one of the top trucking companies in the U.S., we boast a fleet of over 2,500 trucks and strategic partnerships with highly qualified carriers nationwide. This ensures your shipments reach their destination on time, every time.

Hotshot Trucking FAQs

What Is A Hotshot Truck?
Hotshot trucks are typically medium-sized, Class 3, 4, or 5 vehicles that pull a flatbed trailer to deliver hotshot freight.

What Are Hotshot Loads?
Hotshot loads are typically smaller than Less-than-Truckload (LTL) or Partial Truckload (PTL) loads, fitting comfortably in a pickup truck, box truck, or flatbed trailer.