Case Study

Driving Success for 15 Years: How Covenant’s Comprehensive Logistics Solutions Kept Our Customer’s Fleets Moving and Achieved KPI Targets

When a popular food and drink provider wasn’t having their needs met, they turned to Covenant to get back on track and meet their goals.

The Overview –

An industry leader in the food and beverage sector was facing significant challenges due to persistent low service levels. This critical issue prompted the company to undertake a detailed evaluation of its operations, to identify the root cause of the problem and find effective solutions.


The Challenge –

This customer was dealing with a less than ideal situation with their previous provider, including a plethora of unmet KPI’s and the inability to keep the trucks seated and moving. In turn, they began searching for someone who could consistently provide for them. That’s where Covenant came in to take care of their needs.


The Partnership

This relationship with the food and beverage industry leader is one that proves to be strong and consistent. Over the years we have continued to grow in different areas of their business needs. By servicing their Ohio and Pennsylvania plants with dedicated routes and transactional loads, we were able to meet their KPI’s with unwavering consistency. With these implementations, Covenant has become engrained in our partner’s operations and continues to grow the unique relationship. With a tenure spanning fifteen years, Covenant has not only met but exceeded expectations, earning the trust of our clients.


  • Understanding of the customers' needs
  • Strategic management of the equipment
  • Freeze & Heat protect on trailers
  • Understanding of the food and beverage market


  • Bi-weekly review of delivery time
  • Proper utilization of drivers
  • High percentage of customer on-time rate
  • Trailer pulls
  • Prime tender acceptance

The Custom Solution

  • Multiple Solutions – We deliver a range of logistics solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. We manage their distribution center in California while also providing dedicated and truckload support in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • On-time deliveries – Deliveries are time-sensitive, and Covenant has consistently provided a high on time percentage. This metric is reviewed bi-weekly to confirm the expectations are being met.
  • 100% EDI/Tender Acceptance
  • KPI Tracking – Quarterly assessments are held with the customer to ensure that we are consistently meeting the KPIs that are most important to them and their success.