Jason and Don Lord, a Covenant father-son driving duo

A Family Affair: Father/Son Driving Duo Inducted into the 80 Club

June 20, 2023

A Family Affair: Father/Son Driving Duo Inducted into the 80 Club

A unique father/son driving team has achieved Covenant’s 80 Club for safe driving practices.

A unique father/son driving team has achieved Covenant’s 80 Club for safe driving practices.

In a first for Covenant, the latest inductees into the 80 Club include a father/son driving team. Jason Lord has just achieved the milestone, while his father, Don Lord, gained the status in 2014.

The 80 Club is part of the 40/80/120 Club, which is a Covenant program offered to drivers to encourage and celebrate safe driving. The 40 represents how many times around the world one would have to drive to reach one million miles. If drivers make the 40 Club, then they’ve driven one million miles without incident. Jason’s achievement means he’s safely driven the equivalent of 80 times around the world, a level of achievement that averages around 20 years to attain.

“As a Christian, I pray daily for God's blessings, protection, and guidance. I believe that because of that, I have accomplished my safe driving record. I was drawn to Covenant from the beginning because we are a Christian-owned and faith-based company, which is precisely what I wanted. Over my time here, I have been blessed to start many friendships that have turned into family. We love one another and care for each other - and that is family.” – Don Lord, Professional Covenant Driver, 26 Years

 The duo’s milestone is even more distinct because Jason and his father drive together in a shared truck. By working as a team, one sleeps while the other drives for 24/7 operations. The Lords have also taken part in multiple Covenant safety trainings throughout the years.

Don and Jason Lord

 “From a safety standpoint, we want all of our drivers to be accident-free,” said Curtis Gordy, team driver manager. “Through the 40/80/120 Club, we recognize the drivers who have hit this milestone and encourage others to achieve it as well.”

 Covenant is proud to celebrate this driving team and its commitment to being aware, alert and safety-conscious. It takes an average of eight to nine years of driving to hit one million miles, and the Lords’ achievement demonstrates an unwavering dedication to safe driving practices, which brings pride to the entire program.

 For reaching the 80 Club, Jason Lord will be rewarded with three Covenant shirts and/or jackets, a plaque, a crystal globe and a $2,500 cash prize. Additionally, he will receive the safety award for 2023. This award also includes an additional monetary gift.

“The safety program will alert you when you reach each milestone, and Covenant will recognize you for doing this. But the truth of the matter is, being safe allows me and my dad to return home to our family, and they are the most important part of my life. It also allows others I share the roads with to make it home safely to their families. All of these lives are important, and I don’t want to endanger any of them.” – Jason Lord, Professional Covenant Driver, 21 Years

 Currently, Covenant boasts 19 members of the 40 Club and seven members of the 80 Club. While there are no current 120 Club members yet – after all, it takes decades of safe driving to reach three million miles – Don Lord is the closest, having been with the company since 1996. Jason Lord started his career with Covenant in 2001.

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