Case Study

Consistency Is Always Key For This International Peanut Provider

See how Sims Transport was able to foster a relationship into a trusting partnership where there is no uncertainty.

The Overview –

Over the last 100 years, an international distributor of peanuts has evolved from a modest family operation into a comprehensive network of businesses. This impressive growth has been fueled by their unwavering dedication to delivering premium nut-based products and fostering genuine relationships with farmers to guarantee only the highest quality nuts. As they sought to uphold this commitment to excellence, they found themselves in need of a reliable and consistent solution for their transportation needs.

Their relationship with Sims Transport has flourished thanks to superior customer service and fulfilling their needs – no matter what. We have not only met their needs consistently but also ensured their continued success within the competitive landscape of the nut industry.

The Challenge –

This customer was looking for a transportation partner who knew the industry and could count on the consistency of a provider that could get their peanuts where they needed to go, when they needed them. They were having issues with the incumbent logistics partners who were failing to meet the strict industry requirements. On top of that they had to deal with faulty loads when their carrier would have product move and fall during transport, thus resulting in a rejected load. In this industry, there isn’t room for any error, so it’s vital to choose a transportation provider that can give you peace of mind in knowing they’re able to meet the stringent requirements needed.

Characteristics -

  • Need for specialty trailers
  • Need 12 straps instead of the normal 4
  • Strict industry regulations
  • Looking for consistency/peace of mind

The Solution –

  • Premium Customer Service with excellent communication, <1% trailer rejection rate, and 100% acceptance rate
  • Regulation fulfilment
  • Location to restack and re-strap pails to significantly reduce load rejection 

The Results –

Sims has had a long-standing relationship with this customer and has continuously provided them with unmatched service in the industry. We were able to solve their load rejection problem by incorporating customer approved checkpoints where the product was inspected and protected. By incorporating an additional stop, we’ve continually achieved a 99% on-time delivery rate for our customer. This, combined with clear communication has allowed us to help this client thrive in the nut industry with plans to expand our resources in the future to better help their needs.