Case Study

Four Decades of Excellence: An Exploration of Lew Thompson & Son Trucking’s Unwavering Commitment to Customer-Centric Logistics Solutions in the Poultry Industry

Learn how Lew Thompson has provided excellent service to this customer for the past four decades.

The Overview –

Lew Thompson & Son Trucking has proudly been a trusted partner for this renowned poultry provider for over forty years. It all started with Lew Thompson himself driving the first truck and has led to growth in four different locations. Their long-standing relationship is rooted in frequent and personalized communication, ensuring they consistently meet their unique logistics needs. Lew Thompson’s commitment to technical excellence and customer-centric solutions has fostered a strong bond with the poultry provider.


The Challenge –

When our customer first embarked on their journey, they found themselves in a challenging landscape with limited options for logistics and transportation service providers. Their operations demanded a highly intricate process composed of specialized equipment for refrigerated freight, health, safety, and strict timelines. They sought a partner who could not only handle the complexity of their needs but also someone who was an expert in the industry and could maintain constant communication.


  • Have provided retail and foodservice turkey products to the world since the 1950's.
  • Leading world-wide poultry provider.


  • Flexibility in operations
  • On-time deliveries
  • 24/7 Customer service and one point of contact
  • Specialized equipment constantly on standby

The Solution -

  • Providing bedding, egg, feed, poultry, live haul, and shuttle transportation
  • Always on call, with one point of contact
  • Specialized equipment on demand

The Results -

The partnership between Lew Thompson and this leader in the poultry industry has been a testament to Lew’s commitment to flexibility, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. Over the past 40+ years, our partner has seen exceptional results with 100% load acceptance and 99% on-time deliveries, which takes off the pressure of the day-to-day operations. Lew Thompson’s ability to utilize specialized equipment has led to continued growth and trust in the partnership. Our customer knows that whenever they have an issue or challenge, Lew Thompson & Son Trucking will solve it and keep them in the loop the entire way.