Case Study

Exceeding Expectations: How Lew Thompson & Son Trucking's Exceptional Service Standards Has Helped Grow a Customer Relationship for Decades

Discover how Lew Thompson & Son Trucking developed a collaboration with a leading poultry provider.


In the complex world of poultry, it can be hard to find a reliable partner in the industry. However, Lew Thompson & Son Trucking, a Covenant Logistics group company, had such a prominent reputation in the poultry industry that the customer reached out to partner with them. Lew Thompson & Son has long been known for their commitment to providing top-tier service and transportation solutions. Recognizing their strong organizational skills and value-driven focus, the leading poultry provider invited them to collaborate, thus making the beginning of a fruitful business relationship.

The Challenge

Our journey with this poultry industry customer began when they were a smaller business entity. They required a consistent service provider who would be able to handle such complexities as bird health and safety that comes with hauling poultry and other related products. As an industry that relies heavily on the smooth and timely delivery of its products, any disruption or inconsistency in it transportation process could have serious ramifications like loss of revenue, failing specialized requirements, and poultry death. Therefore, Lew Thompson set out on a mission to ensure on-time delivery flexibility and consistency for their new customer.

The Results

This partnerships between the customer and Lew Thompson resulted in a customer who was more than satisfied with the service they received and continue to receive. Our commitment to consistency has allowed the customer to trust their cargo will be moved and delivered on time in the best condition. Even when tragedy struck one of their feed farms and caught fire, causing them to lose tons of feed for their birds, Lew Thompson stepped up to the plate to make sure their partner would avoid any losses. As our customer grew in success and was acquired by a more prominent industry player, they insisted on maintaining their partnership with us - a testament to the trust they placed in our services. From the most minor details to the more significant strategic decisions, Lew Thompson demonstrated a deep understanding of the customer's needs and a strong commitment to delivering value-driven solutions.