Case Study

Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency: Covenant's Strategic Solutions Propels Success For This Packaging Provider

See how Covenant helped a customer fortify their market position as well as open avenues for securing additional business.


This leader in the packaging industry was facing significant logistical challenges due to the dynamic demands of the market. Their needs weren't being met and they needed our help in meeting the high service standards that were required of them, like surges in Q4 and same-day tenders. At times, their trailers could be held for days or sometimes weeks - costing them time and money.

The customer needed assistance in handling the capacity surge of the holiday seasons, stringent delivery schedules, and maintaining a consistent and proactive approach to communication. The complexity of this situation required a solution that would be flexible, scalable, and efficient.


In the competitive and dynamic logistics landscape, this supplier was facing significant operational challenges. These challenges required a strategic logistics partner capable of delivering unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and communication. The capacity solutions segment of Covenant Logistics, with its robust network and innovative logistics solutions, stepped up to transform their supply chain operations.


  • Require flexibility due to same-day tenders and trailers being held for days at a time.
  • Large peak season volume spikes in Q4.


  • Consistent updates on trailer location.
  • Strict on-time delivery.
  • 24/7 communication and one point of contact.

Transition & Support

We ensured a seamless transition to the new logistics model by providing comprehensive support to address the challenges and needs our customer had.

  • Comprehensive Onboarding: A thorough onboarding process was conducted to set and align expectations, allowing for a smooth transition into their projects from day one.
  • Continuous Improvement: Responsive adjustments and continuous improvement measures were implemented to address service failures promptly, strengthening trust in the relationship.
  • Asset Readiness: By leveraging our assets on standby, we were able to provide unparalleled responsiveness to any additional needs or changes from our customer.

The Results

This collaboration has yielded substantial improvements across various facets of logistics management, notably achieving a remarkable reduction in missed appointment and delays. Such enhancements have directly translated elevated service levels and customer satisfaction, underscoring the benefits of our partnership. Furthermore, our partner's ability to expand its relationship with pivotal retail players, can be directly attributed to the enhanced logistics performance and reliability. By capitalizing on Covenant's competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to high service standards, our partner has not only fortified its market position but has also opened avenues for securing additional business.