Case Study

Over 30 Years of Partnership: Covenant's Expertise and Attention to Detail Provide Custom Solutions for One of the World’s Largest Flooring Manufacturers.

Covenant's commitment to exceptional service shines through its management of specialized trailers, multiple solutions, time sensitive deliveries, and comprehensive KPI tracking and review.

The Story – 

When you combine one of the world's largest flooring manufacturers with a logistics company that goes above and beyond every day to ensure you succeed, what do you get? One epic partnership. 

When this worldwide flooring manufacturer sparked a relationship with Covenant over 30 years ago, neither company knew that that partnership would go the distance it has. Keep reading to learn how Covenant helped this client find the perfect logistics solution for their very specialized freight. 

The Challenge – 

Many things made this customer's unique needs challenging. The shipments for this customer require specialized trailers, which can be difficult to source and manage, especially during supply shortages. Additionally, their perfect solution includes several different facets of Covenant's business, including dedicated, one-way expedited, and brokerage services. Coordinating these different approaches and ensuring they are continuously integrated seamlessly is complex and requires close attention to detail. Finally, the shipments are time-sensitive, adding another layer of complexity and requiring careful management to ensure they arrive at their destination on time.

The Partnership – 

The relationship between Covenant and this worldwide flooring manufacturer is one of unwavering support. One of the main reasons it is so solid is because Covenant found the perfect solution to fit their needs and continues to ensure their business with us is a success today. This support has been crucial in helping both companies to succeed and prosper, cementing their positions as leaders in their respective industries. Over the last 30years, they have fully incorporated all levels of leadership within both companies to create a seamless working relationship while also helping each other through some of the most challenging economic times in recent history.

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