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Industrial Manufacturers Benefit from Covenant’s Flexibility, Speed, and Service Offerings

April 11, 2023

Industrial Manufacturers Benefit from Covenant’s Flexibility, Speed, and Service Offerings

Covenant has solutions to support the industrial manufacturing industry; highly flexible and acts faster than others.

Covenant has solutions to support the industrial manufacturing industry; highly flexible and acts faster than others.

Whether you’re a manufacturer producing construction equipment, heavy machinery, aircraft, automobiles, or any other product with an industrial application, Covenant has the logistics and transportation solutions to support your business. Our company is highly flexible and can act faster than other brokerages using multiple service offerings.

Covenant knows that industrial manufacturers need a wide range of transportation and logistics services, with timing and visibility into the supply chain being key. 

The essential services needed by clients include:

  • Transportation of raw materials and components from suppliers to their factories. 
  • Transportation of products from factories to facilities for late configuration or directly to retail stores and customers. 
  • Storage and warehousing of raw materials and components before use in manufacturing. Industrial manufacturers must store finished products before they are shipped to customers. This can be done in warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Shipping products to stores or retail customers.
  • Logistics management, including tasks like scheduling and tracking shipments and managing inventory.
  • Compliance with various transportation and logistics regulations. 

Covenant is prepared to support all; if and when a client suddenly needs additional support, our company is large enough to ramp up resources and provide an agile, speedy implementation. This nimbleness extends to special requirements, providing one-way loading, multi-stop transportation, dedicated fleets, shuttling, or accommodations for oversized cargo aboard flatbed or open-deck trailers. 

“We strive for the right solution and tailored to drive the most value, in the form of cost savings for customers in industrial manufacturing,”  Covenant’s Bo Cordell, Vice President, Sales, explains. “Our team continuously monitors each client’s performance to proactively make adjustments to drive future added value. Revenue sharing across loads and other creative approaches help to reduce costs further.”

Covenant employs the latest technologies for solutions such as dynamic routing, providing the most cost and time efficient trucking routes by trade lane. Covenant’s engineering division is a specialized team that develops a client’s entire transportation plan from scratch while addressing projected cost savings and other critical KPIs.

“We listen to our customer’s challenges and goals and work together throughout the engineering process to achieve the desired transportation solution that fits their needs,” Covenant’s Rob Nesbitt, Director, Transportation Engineering, explains. “It’s about providing the most cost-effective solutions to meet business needs while continuously showing customers ways of improving and saving money.”

Consider the company’s recent dedicated contract carriage and distribution management services to an internationally leading industrial equipment manufacturer as one example of Covenant’s successfully servicing industrial manufacturers. The contract included developing a consistent, cost-effective transportation and inventory management solution for inbound parts, and challenges included seasonal fluctuations and matching inbound/outbound shipments. Covenant addressed the client’s requirements by deploying various equipment, including team trucks, trailers, tractors, and day cabs. Covenant also leveraged a large warehouse staffed by 14 associates working tirelessly to ensure proper inventory management. In the first year of operations, the client realized $105,000 in savings and benefitted from consistent, on-time performance. Read the full case study.

For transportation and logistics services within the industrial manufacturing industry, look no further than Covenant.

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